Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Photo Festival Naarden

This weekend we went to the Photo Festival Naarden. I really want to advertise a bit for this festival, because both the town of Naarden as the festival itself really deserve it. FFN is a sort of open air museum, wich exhibits photographs of both famous and less known photographers. The theme this year is 'Let's face it' and is all about portraits. There's a lot of exceptionally beautiful, intriguing and inspirational material. I'd like to point out some of my favourites:

Martin Roemers 'Eyes of War' ; Koos Breukel ; Joost van den Broek ; Stephan vanfleteren, his portraits are incredibly strong ; Marie Cécile Thijs 'Cooks', her website also shows other impressive stuff ; Mike Roelofs 'Resilience' has powerfull images of the Roma ; Caren Huygelen's 'Master of Science' is very nice and recognisable, me being a former TU Delft student!

Also the work of former students from the Photoacademie shown in Galerie de Lage Flank has some highlights, of which I unfortunately do not remember the names.

The Photo Festival is open 'till the 19th of June, so Dutchies and photography-lovers, you still have a chance to go and see some of our most gifted artists at work!

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