Monday, 29 August 2011

Peter Pauper

I just bought this exquisite little journal at the bookstore, because I needed (well, wanted, but 'wanting' equals 'needing') a notebook for my new job I'm starting this thursday. It's printed by Peter Pauper Press and I am so thrilled that they sell it in Dutch bookstores too, because I absolutely love the nice prints! The one above was already one of my favourites (the colour is a bit different in real life though, more greenish than purple), it's called Twilight Garden. I also love the Foldover Journals with the magnetic flap. I'd love to have the Butterflies or Floral Birds theme!

I bought a similar notebook a couple years back. This one, to be precise, printed by Paper Blanks. They also have really nice stuff, but less cute and more keltish and leather, like really old books. (I do love old books!)


On saturday my niece got married. A beautiful wedding! Because they also just bought a new house in Amsterdam, I got them a gift I found one time in a magazine. I loved it! It's called De Vogelbon and what it is, is a gift-certificate for a hand-painted real-sized bird anywhere in your house. The birds you can see on the website are adorable, Petra is a truly gifted artist. I so hope someone will give me the same present when we buy our first house!

Monday, 8 August 2011


Thank you Grietjekarwietje for the pattern for these supercute little birds! I absolutely love them and after making the first I couldn't stop myself to make two more. I'm so glad I started crochet, there are millions of things you can make with it, but the stuffed animals are definitely at the top of my list for things I love to make.

Friday, 5 August 2011

iPad Sleeve


It's finished! Finally! I've had my iPad for some time now and I decided I wanted to make my own sleeve instead of buying one. However, it took me some time, first to decide on color, then on pattern, then on lining. But this is how it turned out! A blue acryllic knit with felt lining. Now I can take it with me without getting scratches on!
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