Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Dopper

I was out with a friend of mine, when she pulled one of these out of her bag. I loved it immediately! I always have a plastic bottle of water with me. Those bottles get dirty or they break and then you have to buy a new one. Expensive and bad for the environment. This is a hard plastic bottle, can be washed in the dishwasher and is, obviously, re-usable. Also, of every Dopper sold, a percentage goes to Simavi, that promotes clean drinking water in poor countries. I definitely want one! And, of course, the thing was designed by a TU Delft industrial designer.

See the Dopper website in Dutch or in English.


Enkele bloem by Sanne van den Heuvel
Enkele bloem, a photo by Sanne van den Heuvel on Flickr.
One of the flowers broke off of its stem when I put them in a vase. I put it in a whineglass with a bit of water to see if it would still bloom, and it did!

I really like this picture, with the heavy grain and the color of the flower against the sober background.

Peony roses

Pioenrozen 2 by Sanne van den HeuvelPioenrozen 2, a photo by Sanne van den Heuvel on Flickr.

Pioenrozen 1 by Sanne van den Heuvel

Pioenrozen 1, a photo by Sanne van den Heuvel on Flickr. 

Beautiful beautiful roses I got from Joost's parents. Starting out as big balls of red satin on a green stem, they blossomed into huge burgundy red flowers about 15 centimeters in diameter. Amazing!

Photo Club Assignment 2

I am always too shy to push my camera in someones face. Therefore I miss a lot of great shots when it comes to beautiful, interesting or quirky people. So the assignment this time: People!

Photo Club

Since I bought my very first dSLR camera (a Pentax K-x) and I really have not used it enough yet, me and Joost started our own private little photo-club. As he is the pro of the two of us, he gets to be the teacher. First assignment was just to get into the business of assignments.

Photo Club Part 1 - Wilhelmina Park, Delft

First post!

Wow, I actually made it. I've started a blog! I've been thinking about it for so long now, it's nice to see it finally taking shape. It's something I do often; having an idea, thinking it over and over and over some more, before finally being able to do something with it. My new motto in life: Less doubting, more doing! Now that my life is slowly but steadily taking shape, it's time to get some things out of my system. I need to start taking action sooner, so that if it doesn't work out, I'll be able to stop thinking about it earlier and get on with the next thing. This blog will report all of this! From inspiration, to first thought, to idea, to execution and then either to continuation and success, or to a sudden halt. I'll be posting things I come across that I like, things I do and things I feel passionate about. It'll be crafts, photography, products, and sometimes also a little bit of my personal life. Let's start!
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