Thursday, 31 May 2012

DIY Envelope

I made a small, cute little package for my mother. My first ever self-made envelope from a beautifull piece of paper from my paper-collection. Adorable! Mum loved it too :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My First Zpagetti

I recently finished my very first projects done with Zpagetti, a cushion and a basket. The cushion is made with a thinner thread and 12mm needle, it's done in a hexagon pattern. The basket is a thicker thread and crochet with a 15mm needle. Because of the thick thread the basket is very very firm, I love it! Perfect for all this loose stuff lying around the house. Maybe I'll make another... The Zpagetti works very fast and is perfect for quick projects. It's hard work though! I can still feel the muscles in my shoulders and hands from the pulling and grabbing!

Jasmine, strawberries and African Marigold

Today I decided to do a day of non-supermarket shopping. Normally we do groceries once a week at Albert Heijn, as they have almost everything we need for a regular week of eating and living. But every once in a while it is nice to not go to the big supermarket. So today I went NOT-Albert-Heijn! I went to the market to buy cheese, bread fruit and veggies. I went to the Asian deli to buy an adorable can of Jasmine Tea (I just love those foreign cans and bottles!) which I placed on the shelf with our other dried goods and herbs.

And I visited a bunch of shops I had never been before and bought organic pear-juice and a bag of Black Eye beans. I saw a shop on Etsy once of a girls who made beads out of beans and I was intrigued by the idea, so I decided I wanted to try that sometime. And Black Eye beans are gorgeous!

I then sat on my balcony and ate the delicious strawberries and drank a pot of Jasmine-tea while reading a book and enjoying the view.

The African Marigolds I had last year seem to be sprouting up again. I guess the seeds must have gotten mixed up with the earth I used for planting the flower bulbs (that do not seem to be wanting to grow somehow).

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Purl Soho New York

Last week I went to New York on a holiday, to stay with friends who live in Brooklyn. And of course, when in New York, I just had to visit the Purl Soho shop, whose Purl Bee craft blog I've been following for the past year. What a lovely shop! The colors, the materials, the space, a truly magnifinicent and inspiring place. Thank you Purl Soho, for inspiring me to get on with the craft!
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