Monday, 20 February 2012

This weekend I received my delicious Smaak-box full of organic or in some way sustainable products. Love it! It was like a second Christmas-gift-bag! I got mine through a voucher from Strawberry Earth, so I could buy it with a huge discount. Check out, the boxes are still available!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I was planning them for Valentines day, but got around to making them a day later. I love baking! It's so fun and satisfying. These are not the cookies from the kit I got as a gift from Maaike, those will come by later on, when I've got all the tools for decorating. I made 2 different cookies: A simple sand-dough, meant to be decorated, but that will be postponed (and by the time I get around to that they will probably be eaten already!) and an Italian lemoncookie, with lemonzest, lemonjuice and pine nuts. Those are truly delicious! And look at them being pretty in their vintage yellow gingerbread box. Love them!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Finally: Pillows!

I have had these lying around for quite a while, done with the knitting, but not in the mood for putting them together. Now, finally, after continuous nagging by my boyfriend, who was fed up with the ugly pillow-fillings lying on the sofa, I have finished them! Although they still need some final-touching, I think they are quite well enough for a photo! I'm quite proud, as I'm not very good at finishing things I've started. Yay me!
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