Monday, 2 July 2012

Cookies for Kyara

I finally, FINALLY, got around to making these beautiful, delicious looking, adorable cookies, using the kit that Maaike from Hoppin' Up gave me. Thank you Maaike! I made them for my cousin, who just had een sweet little baby girl, so off course they had to be pink. Stupid me though, I forgot to make pretty pictures before wrapping them. Luckily Joost made pictures while I was making them, but they are unfortunately without the purple flower I decorated them with after drying. Aren't they pretty though?


  1. Goed gelukt! Ik ben trots! Heb je ze wel zelf geproefd? Waren ze lekker?

    1. Heel lekker! Volgende week een nieuwe batch, nog even bedenken hoe ik ze ga versieren!


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